Bianchi Cup Security Six coming together

Finally got the stocks for the Ruger Security Six I’ll be running at the 2014 Bianchi Cup.

Security Six Mustang grips

The stocks are vintage Mustang stocks, likely from the late 70s. It’s fitting that they’re on the gun, because the gun is also from the 70s.

Security Six-2

The next upgrade on the big Six will be installing a factory Ruger DA hammer. This accomplishes two things: more reliable ignition with light springs, and it eliminates the hammer bite I’ll receive from the spur of this hammer. The Mustang grips are excellent for Bianchi Cup and target shooting, but with a proper grip my strong hand is so high on the backstrap that the hammer spur actually comes back and hits the web of my hand during the DA stroke. Installing a DA hammer will fix that quite nicely.


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