Lone Wolf Gear Omnibus Review

Starting in late 2010, I started using a lot of products from Lone Wolf; this developed into a full-fledged sponsorship in 2011 and a continued working relationship to this day. Unfortunately, a lot of the reviews I wrote covering their gear got eaten when the site crashed earlier this year, so I wanted to create a place for all those products to be covered in a simple, straightforward format.

1. Lone Wolf Timberwolf Frame

At the time, I was also sponsored by Cheaper than Dirt. I’m sorry about that, I really am. Click the jump for the rest of the post.

The T-Wolf frame is to my mind the best product coming out of Lone Wolf right now. There is a huge aftermarket community based around modding the grip frame and angle of the Glock to give it more/less texture, a different angle, and other things. The Timberwolf frame does that without having to go all Danny-Dremel on your Glock, and comes with interchangeable backstraps to boot. I’d strongly recommend a T-Wolf frame over modding your stock Glock frame.

2. Slides and barrels

I’ve had a couple of slide/barrel combos from Lone Wolf. The first was a 9mm top end that rode on my T-Wolf, and the second is a 6 inch, super lightweight prototype for a G21. The G21 six inch slide was custom lightened so it was the same weight as a standard G21 slide, but gave me the advantage of a huge, long sight radius for shooting USPSA Limited. I really liked the slide/barrel combo on that G21, so much so that when I sold the gun itself I kept the slide and barrel so I could toss them on another G21 when the Glock bug eventually bit me again.

3. LW 3.5 pound connector
This is a part that LW makes that I like, but I also don’t really use that much. The reason is that it makes the trigger pull for most Glocks a bit lighter than I actually like it. It’s a good part and does an excellent job of reducing your Glock’s trigger pull..it just reduces it a little too much for my taste. In an otherwise factory gun, it would get the trigger right down to around 3.5 pounds, I actually prefer a slightly heavier pull. Not a condemnation, just a preference on my part.

4. LW Recoil springs and guide rods
I used a lot of these, and strongly recommend them as an upgrade over the polymer guide rods in Glocks. A complete RSA is only $25 for the stainless steel rod and spring, and then replacement springs are fairly cost effective as well. I had no problems with that part.

Over the last couple of years I’ve used numerous Lone Wolf small parts in addition to the ones listed above. The only times I’ve ever had issues was when I attempted to build frankenglocks out of parts sourced from different after-market companies. So, for example I couldn’t get LW parts to drop into a slide made by another un-named Glock parts maker. However, whenever I used LW parts with other LW parts or with Glock OEM parts, I generally had pretty good results. Also, as a side note: you can safely shoot lead bullets through their barrels. Useful for reloaders!

Plus, they make a sweet howling wolf’s head t-shirt.

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  1. Just bought an LW bbl for my G17 so I can start shooting some lead bullets. 27 rounds in at this early part.

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