The RMR as a primary optic

Using a one power optic on your AR15 has become the official hotness for serious HSLD broperators everywhere. Most shooters seem to gravitate towards the Aimpoint optics for their rifles, however there is another great option out there. I’ve been using a Trijicon RMR as a primary optic on AR15 and AK47 rifles for several years now, and have tested it in match conditions with great success.


If you read the November issue of GunUp the Magazine, then you’ve seen the setup I’m currently running on my AR. Just one lonely RMR on the top of the rifle…and it’s absolutely TOP. The current RMR design is rugged enough for serious field use, and has great battery life. On my AR I’m running the RMR02, which doesn’t have manual brightness adjustments for the dot and uses a 6.5 MOA dot. I also have an RMR06 with adjustable brightness and the 3.25 MOA dot that I’m considering putting on my Ruger Scout Rifle as part of the optic test of magnified optic vs. non-magnified optic.

Now, with an RMR you’re not going to be shooting sub-MOA groups at 100 yards off the bench. But if you need to hit an IPSC B/C target at 100 standing offhand, you absolutely can. It adds almost no weight to the gun, and has all the obvious benefits of a red dot optic. While it may not be for everyone, if you’re looking for a rugged, effective 1 power optic for your rifle, think about the RMR. Right now I’d recommend the RMR01 or 02 models, and will be testing the 06 later next year on a .308.


  1. But did Larry Vickers blow up a RMR with a binary explosive, and have the optic still work? Because you never when you might encounter a situation where your rifle gets blown up and makes the rifle useless, but you still need your optic to work.

  2. For me it’s the Aimpoint Micro as far as rifles go. I’m lazy and like the five years of battery life. Mine does have the silly night-vision settings, but it was the one on sale.

  3. What sort of life are you getting out of the battery? And does it have an automatic shut off? Those have been my primary gripes about the Eotech I’ve been running.

  4. Use a Brownells T-Dot EOTech for “iron sight” class in 3-Gun. 1 minute dot doesn’t block the long distance targets – well, not too badly, and I hit the 285 yarders at my last match. I’ve shot 6″ groups at 400 yards but that was probably more luck than skill. Love that there’s no eye box to worry about. As long as I can see the reticle, I can hit the target. Love the 1X optic

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