1. I hate to say but that gun was a horrendous piece of crap. Never saw one running right, ever.

  2. Double down on that. It was an attempt at a short receiver for the 7.62 that didn’t run for shit. Followed by the 219 (73 X 3) Still a POS. FINALLY replaced by the M240 AKA FN MAG which Thank God We took to the desert and made all kinds of Martyrs. Little drift here, after we turned all the M60A3’s into reefs, had a plethora of 240’s excess to needs. Maries asked if they could have them, bought the ground mount kits and replaced all their busted M60’s. Voila, a shiny new toy for Uncle Sam’s Misguided Children which they then took and made much music with. And they did it without a ten year small arms project where we STILL would be haulin’ around a Much modified M60 POS.

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