1. Cue nasally Firearm Safety Fundamentalist voice:

    ”Did you just sweep me? Dude, ALL GUNS ARE ALWAYS LOADED….Never point it at something you don’t want to destroy!! You could have KILLED ME/US/Everybody….Next you’ll be posting a picture of a gun AND a bottle of alcohol. What the hell is wrong with you?’

    Anyway, thanks for the demo Caleb.

    Cheers- Rusty

  2. There is lots of personal opinions out there about using a handheld light vs a weapon mounted light. I myself am a weapons mounted light kinda guy, but you are using a weapon light as a handheld. I do agree that it affords you the ability to establish a strong grip on the gun while maintaining the benefits of a handheld…but as I was watching the video I was wondering if that would give you the “benefits” of the handheld. By this I mean do you think, with the firm grip that you established, and in a high stress environment, you would break that grip to search a room or check out the sound you just heard coming from your sides or are you more likely to maintain the grip while you sweep around. I would think you would maintain the grip, so why not just mount it on the gun! I dont know, just a thought

    1. Because of the rules of the sport. This is just a gamey way to use a handheld light. IDPA does not let you mount a light to the pistol they want you to use it in your support hand, this makes people loose just a bit of control on their gun, depending on their technique they might end up shooting their pistol one handed. This is a technique for gaming it a bit by still getting a decent hold on the gun and still abiding by the IDPA rules of no gun mounted light.

      That said it’s certainly not a horrible way to use it for realsies.

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