Project Scout Rifle Update

A quick update on the Scout Rifle project for those that are following it. Two scopes in now, a Burris 2.75 and a Leupold 2.5 power, both are “Scout” models. Chucked both scopes in a Leupold mount (pictured below) and immediately discovered that the Leupold mount I had on hand placed the height over bore of the sight too high for me to get a proper cheek weld on the stock.

Burris scope in Leupold mount

So, the next step will be to order a set of Warne scope rings. Instead of using the AR-style mount we have, the hope is that more traditional scope rings will position the optic closer to the bore, allowing for a correct cheek weld. Getting a good cheek weld is important on this gun because the last thing I want to do is let the gun run back into my face during recoil. So, with Warne rings ordered in “medium” height, I’m hoping that we can get the optic mounted ASAP.

In other news, I’m still working out the sling issue. I’m close, but not quite there yet. I can’t decide between a traditional Ching sling, a Rhodesian from Andy’s Leather, or somehow modding the gun to take a Magpul MS3.

And the final update: today the Blackout flash hider came in from AAC. I’m not saying that I’m going to mount a can on this gun eventually, but I’m probably going to mount a can on this gun eventually.

More updates as the work continues!


  1. Great idea Caleb I’ve been debating doing the same since they came out. Seems like it could be seriously handy. Do they make hunting comparable mags? Or just spacers?

    1. I’ve got a Ruger Gunsite Scout Rifle earlier this year. It comes with 10-round magazines, but you can also get 5-round and 3-round magazines from Ruger. The 3-round ones make a great deer hunting combo.

  2. I get the idea of a handy lightweight 308 bolt gun, but with the optic selection we have today it seems like a 1-4x or 1-6x mounted in the conventional position would be better than a 2.5x mounted in the scout position

    1. I guess it depends on how you want to use the rifle. The forward-mounted long eye relief scout scopes are great for shots at moving targets–you can keep both eyes open while you track the target. If you are shooting at a stationary target like a deer standing in a field then the more traditional scope mounting position is probably better. Fortunately with the Gunsite Scout Rifle you can mount your scope in either position–it comes standard with Ruger’s scope rings, but they won’t work on the forward Picitanney rails. A low power variable that has long eye relief would be great on this rifle. I understand Leupold had developed a prototype but has never brought it to market…at least I couldn’t find anyone selling them.

  3. Have gone down this road. Here is what a landed on. Worked awesome!

    Leupold 1.5-4×28 VX-II Scout Scope

    Leupold QRW 1″ Rings (Low)

  4. Get a Savvy Sniper sling. I feel they are better quality than the MS3 and they are all hand stitched in America and cost about the same.

  5. what about an aimpoint plus magnifier? red dots were not commercially available when the scout rifle concept was being formalized.
    anyone know if there’s a flip-to-side low mount or QD ring that would work?

  6. Try a sling from Riflecraft, quality and you get the Ching Sling effect with just two standard mounts.

  7. What Jmk said. Aimpoint plus 3x magnifier! The magnifier might come w/ the QD mount. If not they are out there.
    Caleb – seriously check out the VCAS Larry Vickers sling or the VTAC sling. Both are quick adjustable for fast loosening and re-tensioning capabilities…
    Both available w/ or w/ out padding.
    The MS3 is quick to loosen but not re-tensioning… least my gen-1 version was…
    If you want to “run the gun” at any courses the mentioned slings will shine. I wonder what slings the actual “Gunsite” instructors use?
    Good luck with your cool build.
    I feel a bolt gun / wheel gun – 2gun match coming!

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