1. 737’s have a much shorter “stub tail” behind the vertical stabilizer than the Airbus. It’s definitely an Airbus. Fifteen rows ahead of the wing make me pretty sure (99%) it’s an A320, as they usually have 14-15, while an A319 has 12-13.

  1. A320. The two overwing exits give it away (I think only Sleazyjet over in Europe have A319s with dual overwing exits, so they can cram more seats in).

  2. As a former FAM, I’ve logged a lot of miles on A319/20 and 737s. But, Matt is right. Technically, the only difference between an A319 and an A320 is capacity (120 or 150 respectively). All else is the same, engines, flight deck, etc.

  3. Easiest telltale characteristics are: 737 sits “squat” to the ground…in fact the engine nacelles are flattened on the bottom. Also, no 737 has tiny little winglets like that…either they have none or have enormous winglets like on the -800/-900 aircraft.

  4. Its a Airbus 320. United flies only the Boeing 737 or the Airbus 320 in their fleets. One way of telling is that the winglets of the Airbus are like arrowhead instead of what appears to be the wings curving upwards like on the 737. Also the seating on the 737 are a lot roomier then on the A320. Damn Europeans need to eat more!

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