Super Security Six

Right now, my stainless Security Six is at Clark Custom Gunsmiths getting turned into the Super Security Six.

Ruger Security Six

Remember, this is the stainless 1982 gun, not the blued 1970s gun. The stainless gun is getting turned into an action shooting machine by Clark. The first mod is an action job, which I’ve specified must be left heavy enough to crack factory primers. Because my ammo situation is frequently catch-as-catch-can, I don’t have the luxury of having the action tuned so light that it will only crack crush-fit Federal primers.

The next important modifications are the removal of the hammer spur, and the removal of the SA notch on the hammer itself. This will convert the gun to a true DA gun, which is what I prefer for Bianchi Cup. The final mod will be cutting the gun for moonclips. I like moonclipped guns for a number of reasons, not the least of which is that I never lose my brass. I’ve struck a deal with an ammo company to provide brass for them to load, and keeping Starline .38 brass around is always a good thing. Plus, if I want to shoot USPSA revolver, moonclips are a must.

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished product from Clark, it should be a great gun. To complete the retro competition gun, I’ve ordered a Tyler T-Grip to give me a little bit more gripping area.


  1. Very sweet! Can’t wait to see the finished product (especially with the Tyler T-grip). I’m curious though, why do you prefer a complete DA over a more traditional setup? You can’t be too worried about snagging the hammer on your shirt if it’s a competition pistol right?

    1. With the hammer bobbed, I can get a higher grip on the gun without getting my hand bitten by the hammer spur. I also like having the SA notch removed from the hammer because it makes the DA pull just a wee bit smoother.

      1. I removed the “regular” hammer from my Security Six and replaced it with a Ruger factory bobbed hammer, which left the gun DA-only — without having to pay a gunsmith to remove the hammer spur and the SA notch from my hammer. And I still have the old hammer if I want to re-convert the gun to factory specs. I haven’t checked lately, but I think that Ruger factory bobbed hammers are still floating around. What am I missing with respect to the hammer?

        Of course, an action job and cutting the cylinder for moon clips are clearly gunsmith work. And, in my opinion, nothing makes the old factory grips fit better than Tyler-Ts!

        Anyway, it’s a beautiful gun!

      2. Why not just have them reduce the hammer spur size so you still have SA as well as DA capabilities? My Ruger OEM spurless hammer can be cocked, but you have to start it with your trigger and then catch it with your thumb and then go to full cock. Not a real good way.

  2. Ok I’m all good with what your doing to this gun except cutting off the hammer spur and making it DAO. Really what harm does having a hammer spur cause. Same with leaving the single action functional. To me it seems like your limiting the possibilities of the gun and for what? You don’t gain much from either of those mods.

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