Photo of the day: FNH P-12 vs. Colt Sporting Rifle

FNH P-12 vs. Colt Sporting Rifle

The FNH P-12 is one of the best factory pump guns I’ve ever used, despite the sharp lifter. It retails for around $550, and holds 5+1 in its factory configuration. The Colt Sporting Rifle is a great AR, and retails for around $850. This rifle also has a $400 RMR as well as a Magpul MOE kit on it. 20 round magazine earns +100,000,000 style points.

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  1. Briley makes an 8 and 10 shot extension for the Turkish made Winchester SXP. The FNH P-12 is based upon the Winchester SXP Defender with a cantilever scope mount. You could contact them and see if their extension will fit this model.

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