2013 Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun, part 1

I have shot a few local 3-gun matches a long, long time ago. I even shot the inaugural carbine match that would eventually become the Crimson Trace Midnight 3-Gun, back in 2010. So I’m not exactly a wealth of knowledge or skill on the whole “let’s shoot more than pistol” subject. Perhaps then shooting my first major 3-gun at the CTC M3G is…ambitious.

If that’s the case, then I say “AWESOME.” I don’t mind if I try to be ambitious and end up rubbish, because I’m going to go run around at night shooting awesome guns and other people’s ammo. I can’t really ask for a better indoctrination to 3-gun than that, could I?

I am looking forward to this match quite a bit, the stages are fairly simple with nothing complex or “gotcha” about them; but still look like they’ll present plenty of challenges for my marksmanship. I like that. I also like that because this isn’t my game, I have no expectation of my performance. I’d like to not finish DFL, but other than that I’m just here to shoot, report, and have fun. And so, with the lofty goal of “entertain my readers” weighing so heavily upon me, I shall embark on this noble quest of lumens, lasers, and bullets.


  1. ok terminology question here (admittedly probably a dumb one):
    “I’d like to not finish DFL” what is DFL (please don’t say democratic/farm/labor)?

  2. You’ll have a shit ton of fun. A few guys from my local club went to that match a few years ago and said it was amazing. They also said they won more stuff than the match fee was worth. I’d like to shoot it at some point. I’m also not a pro at 3gun but I’m ok.

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