1. While this post is about working hard, the issue in the picture about “the zone” is off. See “Body, mind and sports” by John Douillard, which comes highly recommended by people like Steve Maxwell.

      1. Got me there. I wondered whether I should elaborate but seemed too much like unsolicited advertising. To me it seems like every renowned author from powerlifting to crossfit has trained either with him, Pavel Tsatsouline or Dan John (and in most cases all three, they are “train the trainer” people – I stole a lot of “patterning” exercises from all of them).

        Those three seem to be the common denominators for all kinds of weightlifting or combat conditioning sports, so I just assumed you might have heard the name, since you post a workout regularly. But I realise that just for staying fit, this is not important. I might be a bit more obsessive^^

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