LaserMax “Native Green” Marks the Beginning of an Exciting new Direction in Laser Sighting

August 12, 2013 (Rochester, NY) – LaserMax® today announced the debut of “Native Green,” a breakthrough in laser technology distinguished by its compact size and maximum output power stability over a broad temperature range. Much like similar advancements in hand-held lighting devices, the impact of this introduction will be noticeable, enabling green laser sighting devices to be smaller and maintain optimum visibility over a broad range of ambient temperatures. The first LaserMax laser sight models to incorporate Native Green technology will be formally announced later this week.

The introduction of Native Green is significant because until now, green laser systems have all used diode pumped solid-state (DPSS) technology. DPSS technology pumps infra-red light into crystals that convert the infra-red to synthesize green laser light. In addition to adding weight, size and manufacturing complexity, the crystals lack efficiency at high and low temperatures. LaserMax Native Green does not use DPSS. Instead, LaserMax Native Green lasers emit green laser light natively by using a green laser diode, avoiding the many limitations of DPSS technology.

For decades, the product engineering team at LaserMax has aggressively pursued advancements that could effectively shrink green laser sighting technology into the ultra-small package LaserMax laser sighting systems are famous for. As soon as Native Green technology was stable enough to offer reliable performance, LaserMax went to work designing products that would fill established customer needs. Constructed with fewer parts, compact size and less heat sensitivity, LaserMax Native Green is perfectly suited for concealed carry.
“We predict that other laser companies will attempt to follow suit as soon as the advantages of this technology are understood,” remarked Jeff Mock, LaserMax’s VP of Engineering. “DPSS green lasers represent a dead-end technology that will soon be rendered obsolete.”

“LaserMax has been pioneering green laser technology for over 15 years,” said LaserMax COO Jeff Schlarbaum. “We couldn’t be more pleased to bring another cutting edge technology to consumers in the firearms market.”
Complete information on LaserMax product offerings incorporating the use of native green technology will be announced as products become available.

Now in its 25th year, LaserMax is the market leading producer of premium laser systems. Specializing in design and manufacture of rugged and innovative firearm sighting solutions for military, law enforcement and commercial markets worldwide, the company also delivers premium laser products and optical systems for the semiconductor, aerospace, biomedical and telecommunications industries. LaserMax is an ISO 9001:2008 certified and WOSB 8(m) certified Women-Owned Small Business. All LaserMax products are designed and manufactured in a state-of-the-art facility in Rochester, New York, USA.

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