MidwayUSA has pre-primed brass in stock

Now this is a great idea – pre-primed 9mm brass available from MidwayUSA. If you’re not yet into reloading but are just maybe a bit re-curious, this is the perfect gateway drug. It completely eliminates one of the steps of the reloading process, so all you have to do is add powder and seat your bullet. No muss, no fuss.

9mm primed brass

I honestly think this is a great idea. Plus, if the person that buys the brass decides they don’t like reloading, then they can still take their shiny new once fired brass and sell it to someone who is interested in reloading. Smart move, Remington. I’m rarely genuinely impressed by things these days, but this is to my eye a brilliant move. Pre-primed brass? awesome.


  1. First, this is nothing new, I recall seeing Winchester primed brass at least 10 years ago. Second, you still should size even new brass as it goes out of shape sometimes in shipping and I can see a new reloader sizing brass with the decapping pin in and ejecting a perfectly good primer. Or better yet, doing what you suggest and not sizing the brass and ending up with crappy reloads.

    If someone is interested in reloading, they should learn how by doing everything and if not, stick to buying ammo. There are no shortcuts.

  2. We were selling all common pistol calibers in both primed and unprimed in our retail store in 1985.

    This is SO “not new” that it might qualify as “Hip” or “Retro.”

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