1. A Detective Special (all steel brother to the Cobra) was my first “off duty” gun. Bought it when I graduated from college and was starting my first full time LE job. By the way, the Detective Special was one of the guns used by the good guys in the shoot out with the would be assassins after Harry Truman.

  2. Well, the fact that they are no longer being made would seem to be something not to like about them.

  3. I’m not letting my D-frames read about how they’re fragile and going out of time.
    Since none of them have in the many thousands of rounds expended, and not many of them slowly or gently, they might just break.
    Yes, you can mess up any gun and even undermaintain it until it goes wrong, but my Detective Special has been shot hard and long and is still the best small gun I’ve ever laid a hand on.
    The lightweight cousin next to it (an Agent, a downmarket Cobra) gets the same treatment: nothing but +P and lots of it.
    Someday the hand might need tuning or even replacing- hands are wear parts that get replaced after long service like a recoil spring- but it hasn’t happened yet.
    And, hey, in the Truman attack it was Official Polices that fired the stopping shots. The DSs didn’t get the hits.
    I competed in a good USPSA match with my DS a few years back and I was far from last. I got my hits but it did take a while. The YouTube reminder still makes me laugh:

  4. Have a ruger LCR and 5 shot smiths but the steel colt detective special is my favorite, when i’m horseback the police positive is the frequent partner because of its 4 inch barrel. There are a few small revolver brands out there, but then i’m holding a COLT.

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