Daily Training Goals #31

Goal Recap for DTG for 08/07/2013

Conditioning workout: 7 pullups, 72 pushups, 97 squats, 170 crunches – success. Got a little weak on the end of the pushups, proving I needed the conditioning. I used to be able to bust out 150 pushups in a single workout.
30 minutes dry fire draws from concealment – Pass.

DTG for 08/08/2013

  • Run 5 miles – I’ve been neglecting my cardio the last couple of weeks, time to get back on it
  • Grip strength training
  • Dry fire reloads from concealment, 15 min

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  1. I’d be interested in your grip routine. I used to dabble with grippers, mostly Captains of Crush, just because I thought they were cool. This past year, I’ve been working in a new gym and the trainer’s had us doing things like Australian pullups, and now doing them with thick rope instead of the ladder-type apparatus I’d been using before. I didn’t give much thought to what it was doing for my grip, and I haven’t been shooting all that much, (Remember when I told you at NRA in May that I never make time for shooting? Still didn’t get out and go shooting until this past weekend,) but last week I did the range half of MAG40 and really noticed a difference. Shot well all weekend and a 299/300 on the qualification. At higher speeds, that would have fallen apart with my lack of practice, but as long as I remembered to take my time, I felt like I had the recoil under control most of the time and could focus on breaking shots. I think better fitness made a difference all around, particularly in being able to coordinate my core and limbs and replicate stances correctly, and I’m also a big, heavy, guy, which does help me absorb recoil and be stable. But although I always realized my fitness was lacking before, I was still unavoidably surprised how much difference the core strength and grip strength made. I’ve tried to focus on my grip more at the gym in the past week since returning.

    Are you using grippers like the COC’s? Rollers? Compromised grips on your pullups, like pullups on ropes or towels?

    Also, any thoughts on neurological stuff? My MAG40 instructor is an IDPA 4-weapons master (David Maglio) and at one point he described crushing the grip until he got tremors, then backing off just a tiny bit by reducing the pressure on the pads of his pinky fingers. He said that trying to hold everything else just as strong, but taking that tiny bit out of the pinky fingers, usually stopped the tremors and allowed him to crush harder than he otherwise would have. After I left (of course) and was back in the gym the next day, it occurred to me that if that worked, the opposite might be important, too. I’ve always felt like my pinky/ring fingers lagged behind the rest of my hands; when using the COC gripper, the pinky has the most leverage but has to close the greatest distance, and maybe that affected me. I dunno, but I tried crushing hardest with my pinkies during various exercises, and it did feel stronger overall. Wishful thinking? Not sure.

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