Review: Kangaroo Carry Holster

Kangaroo Carry HolsterPeople often ask me how I conceal carry. I usually tell them that it’s a work in progress and what I mean by this is:

1. I am yet to find any method with which I am fully happy.
2. I don’t think women, who wear different outfits on any given day, that hug their bodies differently, can rely on just one method of carry. Two or three would be probably be a more reasonable estimate.

So, after my lament about my concealed carry experience in North Carolina, I was contacted by a company who asked if I wanted to try something compleatly different. Being the open-minded girl that I am, I said “Sure” to Kangaroo Carry of Houston Texas.

In order for them to send me the right size, I had to do some measuring. A detailed video on their website, explained the whole process, including a trick using a strip of toilet paper. (Nope, not a euphemism!) Once I submitted my measurements, my holster arrived within a few days. I appreciate that this company doesn’t use a one size fits all approach, however, while they realize that we humans come in many shapes, guns, are kind of another story.

20130731-143121.jpgKangaroo Holsters offers three styles, the micro, the Standard II and the Airmarshall 3. Each is created for a different sized CCW. For my Walther PPS the Standard II was the right fit. They do offer thier “Pistol Adjustment Pin System” for making “micro adjustments,” which I found highly technical! (all sarcasim implied) While I probably could have adjusted exactly how my gun sat in the canvas “pocket,” the retention seemed acceptable, unless I planned to be hanging upsidedown with my arms over my head.

For my first day of testing, I wore the Kangaroo Carry on top of my T shirt. I’m sure I looked silly, but my pets didn’t say anything. After a while I forgot I had it on. If I had been wearing a sweatshirt or a jacket, I probably could have gone out to walk the dog. Having a this holster strammed around my ribs, didn’s effect my breathing since the two elastic straps offer plenty of stretch when you need it. The next day I tried it under a t shirt. This was not nearly as comfortable as the previous day. I appreciate the cotton material, because it was tolerable against my skin, but only tolerable. Cotton is a much better choice than many of the synthetics or all-elastic options tthat are available, but this heavy canvas used by Kangaroo Carry, isn’t my favorite for lingerie.

20130731-102751.jpgIf you’re comfortable with a draw that crosses your chest, you may like this holster. A two handed reholster, also is a minor issue in my oppinion (even if I might have to remove my t shirt to do so). Further, the fact that I would have to reach under my shirt, was the least of my concerns. What did bother me was the new version of “side boob” that was apparent under my t shirt. (*see photos) Yes, a blazer worn all day would easily hide this bulge, but one misplaced hug, and my cover would be blown.

What do you think? (vulger comments will not be tolerated)


  1. From my perspective, the disadvantages outweigh the advantages. I have female friends, that like you, use two to four carry options. Based on clothing, and activity.

  2. To me, It’s like all of the drawbacks of a shoulder holster with none of the benefits. It prints, it restricts access, you can’t train at a range with it, and the draw looks absurdly unnatural. Also, with concealed carry, dressing around the gun should be the primary concern, not using questionable alternatives. It seems like sometimes holsters like this are made to take advantage of people that don’t want to put the time in, or commit to the lifestyle change that is concealed carry.

  3. I think it prints too much with the shirt you are wearing, but it is a very personal choice when deciding which method of carry is best. I personally decided to go with what a pocket gun in an IWB holster. I have too much in my pockets already, but a larger gun is too easy to spot and too uncomfortable for me(I am a relatively small guy at 5’7″ 175lbs). The choice of carry method and gun is always a compromise.
    I am OK with my choice of compromise. It is only a .380 pocket gun in .380ACP but has a lot of things that I value. Real night sights, accuracy, comfort, conceal-ability, and reliability. This make it the gun that will be there when I need it.
    I do not know if IWB works well for a woman’s figure. Let me know if you would like any info about the IWB I am using. It is from a small holster maker, not one of the big names.
    No, I am not the same Patrick as above:)

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