1. Three whole days? In Arizona?

    I would personally like to have my FN M4 back, which I carried in training and then to Afghanistan for a year. It was reliable, it was in good shape, and it worked well with the ACOG I bullied our supply officer into giving me.

    1. I probably shot more rounds through the Smith and Wesson AR in three days than your M4 saw in a year. 😉

  2. I didn’t realize round counts were a valid indicator of anything other than pulling a trigger–because if I pulled the trigger on my M4, bad things were happening. When you pulled the trigger on your AR, it was because you were recreating. Even if it was training (which I’m sure it was), it was recreation–you’re not an “operator doing operator things in operations,” by your own admission. There’s a difference for those of us who have it as our lives, rather than a lifestyle.

    I literally slept with that rifle for a full year, and relied upon it to save my life and the lives of my team for that full year.

    The times I needed it most, I was confident it would perform to standard. I never dropped my hammer in anger, and I thank God I never had to. But it was there and ready to do its task.

  3. I own an M&P15 and I love it! Probably have put close to a 1000 rounds through it so far without any hiccups at all. It’s just a smooth shooting, accurate, worry free rifle!! Looks good dressed in Magpul furniture too! Will be adding an Aimpoint Pro to it shortly, can’t wait to get that combo to the range! All that being said, you got any thoughts on the Sig M4 Caleb?

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