Adam Kokesh arrested, charged with multiple felonies

I have avoided covering the Adam Kokesh story, quite frankly because Adam Kokesh is an idiot, and I would rather have a drooling chimp as a spokesman for gun rights than him. Case in point:

An Internet talk show host was arrested at his home in Herndon on Tuesday night after a videotaped July Fourth stunt in which he loaded a shotgun in the District’s Freedom Plaza — a violation of the city’s gun laws.

Online court records in Virginia indicate he was charged with one felony count of possession of a schedule I or II drug, reportedly hallucinogenic mushrooms, and one felony count of possession of a schedule I or II drug while possessing a firearm.

Regardless of how you feel about the drug war, Kokesh had to know his house was going to be raided. Knowing that, he still had illegal drugs in the place…along with guns. This kind of idiocy is exactly why I’m opposed to people like Adam Kokesh acting as spokespersons for gun rights. We don’t need this kind of attention, and we certainly don’t need some self-declared defender of liberty trying to fight the power with his shotgun and ‘shrooms.

It looks like Adam Kokesh is headed for a felony drug conviction…and he has no one to blame but himself. Maybe after he gets out of jail he’ll focus on the drug war or something. Just stay off my side – we don’t need Adam Kokesh or people like him to help.


  1. Dude is an idiot in the first place for the video and the actions in it. You want to be an activist? Fine. You think the laws are wrong? Fine. The way to communicate this is NOT to blatantly break the laws and get yourself fucking arrested. You look like a d-bag when you do that, especially when it involves loaded firearms!

    1. The validity of the laws isn’t important. What’s important is that people like Adam Kokesh don’t accomplish anything. Do you think IL would have concealed carry if guys like Kokesh were running the pro-gun movement?

  2. Ok up until now I’ve liked you Caleb. While Adam does some things I wouldn’t and we don’t agree on everything. If you actually disagree with what he did then you are no gun rights proponent. You’re a sheep. Lead to believe the anti gun anti liberty propaganda. Adam didn’t commit any crime in my mind. And was ruthlessly kicked, cuffed, and arrested. Untold dollars were spent of your tax money to go arrest a guy who didn’t harm anyone didn’t threaten anyone and actually fights for peace. Not only that he literally fought for your freedom and continues to do so yet you call him an idiot. Who the fuck are you? What have you really done for our rights? Have you put yourself on the line? Taken a single risk to show the lunacy of our governments abuse of its citizens? Other than trying to get Romney elected which would have changed almost nothing what have you stood up for? This post honestly makes me mad and I’m disappointed that you are one of the sheep, one of the people blind to the insanity that is our police state. 20 SWAT officers and 100’s of others is why this is a police state. It doesn’t take that many to arrest someone who what; loaded a gun? Come on!

  3. Hey Caleb – The cops were in Adam’s home for over 5 hours. How do you know they did NOT plant those mushrooms? They didn’t arrest him on any gun charges. They just wanted to get him. Oh, but the cops
    NEVER LIE. Everybody believes that, don’t they? — You pretend to know all the facts of this case. Its disgraceful.

    How can you just be judge, jury, and executioner for this great patriot? Adam Kokesh is a hero. He is as
    good as they come. When this gun fight is over, who is going to remember your role in it? Not me, that’s for

    But Kokesh will be a part of history.

    1. WJ, that’s actually the point. See, guys like Adam want to BE remembered. Guys like me just want to win. Kokesh is a showman looking for attention while the real battle for our rights is being fought by people whose names you’ll never know.

  4. Bryan, the point is, what Kokesh does is COUNTERPRODUCTIVE.

    There are no prizes for being “pure”. The only prize is EFFECTIVE PROGRESS.

    Chasing the sheep around the pasture while wearing a wolf skin doesn;t get anti-canine laws repealed; it only frightens teh sheep and gets them to bleat for MORE protection from “the dangerous lunatics”.

  5. Having Kokesh fighting for gun rights is a bit like having Phred Phelps fighting for religious freedom.

  6. That’s exactly why people like you should be standing up for him instead of looking down on what he does. Your romantic idea that people you’ll never hear of fighting the good fight is bull crap. It’s elitist actually. It implies that only a few in the ruling class can decide for us while we are all oblivious to what is going on. You make the point that Adam is counterproductive. Maybe he is. BUT only because the mass media and apparently even blogs like this one aren’t screaming from the roof tops that he hasn’t committed any REAL crime. Wouldn’t it help to give him even more attention? Let’s look at what he actually did. He made a video of himself loading a gun. Totally legal one state away. He then went about his business. A day later 20 SWAT officers and many others raid his house which is in a state where if he had done the exact same thing he wouldn’t have broken a law. Do you not think that the response from the police was wrong? Or do you agree with that reaction? The other point I wanted to make is guns are only 1 out of 100 things this situation involves. Adam wasn’t exactly making a point about gun laws as much as he was trying to expose the insanity of our militarized police forces who violate every single right we have in the bill of rights on a daily basis. What they did to Adam blows the 1st, 2nd, 3rd, & 4th amendments straight out the window. Probably along with others. I want to ask you a question. In your mind what did Adam Kokesh actually do that you think warrants this type of action? And a felony stamped next to his name for the rest of his life. Please explain it to me. Make another post. Because right now your not making any sense to me. It’s like saying Martin Luther king Jr was counterproductive because he brought attention to the atrocity of Jim crow laws.

    1. Comparing Adam Kokesh to Martin Luther King is actually so foolish as to be insulting to Dr. King and the work he accomplished.

  7. I’m glad that some people have a passion for liberty.

    But it takes more than passion. It takes well thought-out plans, it takes effective role models, it takes a coherent message. Kokesh had none of these. He’s an attention whore, and I’d rather not have him on my side of any debate.

    Were this a military campaign, Kokesh would be the gung-ho lieutenant who ignores his orders and rushes into battle, confident in his cause, but unintentionally endangering himself, his men, and his allies.

    1. Or Marshall Haig of WW1 infamy, who pretty much knew only one tactic- “Death or Glory Charge”.
      Funny how the result tended to be “Death and Stalemate”.

  8. Bryan, simple set of questions:

    Who has been more productive in ACTUALLY GETTING GUN RESTRICTIONS REMOVED, Adam Kokesh, or Dick Heller?

    Who has been more productive in ACTUALLY GETTING GUN RESTRICTIONS REMOVED, Adam Kokesh, or Otis McDonald?

    Who has been more productive in ACTUALLY GETTING GUN RESTRICTIONS REMOVED, Adam Kokesh, or Whonda Ezell?

    Who has been more productive in ACTUALLY GETTING GUN RESTRICTIONS REMOVED, Adam Kokesh, or Mary E. Shepard and Michael Moore?

    Who has been more productive in ACTUALLY GETTING GUN RESTRICTIONS REMOVED, Adam Kokesh, or Tab Bonidy?

    Who has been more productive in ACTUALLY GETTING GUN RESTRICTIONS REMOVED, everyone listed above except Kokesh, or Leonard Embody?

    Hmmm. . . the successful people all share one thing in common, and the unsuccessful people share a DIFFERENT thing in common. . . apparantly being a publicity seeking jerk doesn’t ACTUALLY WORK IN ACHIEVING VICTORY. It actually HURTS the cause.

    Kokesh is to gun rights what the most extreme, excessive, BS of ACT-UP was to gay rights.

  9. I believe Kokesh is a liberal plant trained by the left and sent in to try to divide so-called libertarians or constitutionalists and the more conventional ‘conservatives’ where there is sometimes infighting within the right side of the political spectrum. Kokesh represents the side of libertarians who want to fight and emphasize their differences with republicans in order to cause disunity and divide us on less important issues so that they can’t work together on important ones. Before redefining himself as a ron paul type libertarian Kokesh used to hang out with the anarchists and anti-war liberals. He was one of the most high profile and outspoken members of the group IVAW (iraq veterans against war) who staged some pretty shameful and disrespectful protests against the war and specifically targeting other troops returning from honorable service in the Middle East. The stunts and media-whoring he pulls today are the same tactics he learned from the far left, who have developed a very good repertoire of theatrics to gain media attention for their progressive causes. Although he claims to be a 2nd amendment advocate, I have to be more than a little suspicious about someone who learned his tactics from the people who want to outlaw all guns.

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