Daily Training Goals #22

Goal Recap for DTG 7/8/13

Floor press 115 lbs 3×5 – fail
Sumo Deadlift 130 lbs 1×5 – fail
Dry fire draw to a 3×5 card at 10 yards (par 1.2 seconds) – performed but couldn’t consistently get under the par
Dry fire transitions on 2 inch dots at 3 yards (establish par) – New par is 2.00 seconds for draw, “fire” 2, transition and “fire” 2.

Instead of lifting, I decided to detail strip and clean my main match gun, Colt CCG #440. According to my logs it had been 3,470 rounds since its last cleaning, and while it had been regularly lubricated during that time, the extractor was also past 5,000 rounds. 10-8 Performance recommends changing the extractor at 5k. When I finally pulled the extractor out of the gun, this is what I saw:

naughty extractor claw

Yes, that extractor claw actually has a couple of millimeters of crud on it. So I cleaned that off and put the extractor back in the gun.

DTG for 07/09/2013

  • Run Colt 440 through the 10-8 Function/Extractor test
  • Function check gun with match ammo and mags for ProAm/Steel Challenge
  • Buy a raincoat for ProAm. And maybe a snorkel.
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