Daily Training Goals #18

Goal Recap for DTG 06/28/2013

Floor press and sumo deadlift 65% of my bodyweight. Pass. I’m getting closer to maxing out on presses, I can probably squeeze another 10-15 lbs before I have to deload.
Dry fire draws to a 3×5 card at 10 yards set training par. Fail – I forgot I’d specified 10 yards, so I did all my dry fire at 7.
Do the vision training I skipped yesterday. Still fail. I really suck at remembering to do this.

DTG 07/01/2013

  1. Floor Press 115 lbs 3×5
  2. Sumo deadlift 120 lbs 1×5
  3. Draw to a 3×5 card at 7 yards, 40 reps decreasing par
  4. Transition drills, 2 inch dots 40 reps decreasing par

The transition drill is something I struggle with, which is why I added it. I used the Q-PTC targets for a lot of training because the combo of the 3×5 box, 8 & 6 inch circle, and of course 2 inch circles allows me to do a lot of different training and shooting on a single target. The target transition drill is simple: on the buzzer, draw to the dot of your choice (I use dot A) and pause on the dot only as long as you need to visually confirm an acceptable sight picture, then transition to another dot and repeat. This is a great drill if you have a SIRT pistol or other training aide that actually lets you press the trigger and get feedback.