Daily Training Goals #14

Goal Recap for DTG 06/24/2013

Floor press 58% of my bodyweight – success, although it was actually a little sporty on the last rep.
Sumo deadlift 60% of my bodyweight – Success
Dry fire: 30 minutes, drawing the gun. – success
Surrender draw
Standard draw
Table start

Notes: I ordered some more weights so I can keep increasing my weight. The Sumo deadlift was actually pretty challenging with just 60% of my bodyweight, because it places a greater emphasis on my hamstrings than standard deadlifts. I’m definitely going to stick with sumo lifts for a while, and keep doing squats for my quads.

My surrender draw is all kinds of messed up. It’s just a trainwreck, and it’s about 0.2 seconds slower than my hands at sides draw. This is kind of a problem since I have steel challenge coming up in a month…

DTG 06/25/2013

  1. Surrender Draw practice – 15 minutes
  2. Go buy membership at local outdoor range.

Keeping it simple today, some days you just don’t have time for much more.