Top Shot Run-On Recap: The Friendzone Special

Fair warning to our readers, if you’ve not seen last night’s episode of Top Shot All-Stars, there will be spoilers in this post. But enough with the warnings, here we go!

Another Wednesday, another Top Shot and we’re starting off with a speed shooting challenge, which is kind of hilarious because the one guy who’d just wreck everyone at speed shooting got eliminated last episode, but whatever oh man a Sig P229 cool, I bet Gary The FAM will rock this one since his duty gun is a 229, and man oh man Jamie did the worst job of sandbagging ever that I’ve seen oh ps he was sandbagging because the twist on this episode is that the shooters will get to pick who they go head to head with and now we’re back in the house and oh look Adam stays true to form and is playing mindgames with people but now we’re back on the range and the shooting gets started and the left side of the line is beating the hell out of the right side of the line and well I’ll be darned it looked like Jamie’s sandbagging paid off and he suckered one guy but anyway on to the elimination because Gabby and Chee are both eligible for elimination and Chee is looking to shoot his way out of the friendzone because HOLY CRAP he is literally making brownies with her FRIENDZONE LEVEL 9000 and then Gabby yanks her shot at the Proving Ground and Chee doesn’t but he gets outshot so now it’s Chee vs Gabby for elimination and Chee can feel the friendzone closing in on him deeper and deeper so at the final challenge he totally lets Gabby win so he can get out of the friendzone, seriously look at him smiling I’ve never seen anyone happier to get eliminated from Top Shot than he is!

Note, I don’t actually think that Chee threw the elimination challenge, but when I was watching it last night with my good buddy Macallan, I was definitely shouting that at the TV.