Daily Training Goals #10

Goal review for DTG 06/10/13

Dry fire session A – Success. All draws from concealment, I’ve finally nailed down the gear for IDPA Nationals.
KB Floor press 56% of my bodyweight, DL 70%. – Success.
Vision training – Success.

Part of the reason I’ve been experiencing eye strain is that my training area is very poorly lit; I actually added some additional lighting and it really helped. No tape for me.

DTG 06/11/2013

  1. Dry Fire Session B
  2. If time permits, Live Fire Session A

Work has been incredibly busy lately, so my opportunities to live fire haven’t been what I’d like. I’m considering going with a revised version of the Mike’s plan to cut the time investment down to no more than an hour per session, because that I can almost always work in.

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  1. I really like that you are sharing the realities of time and opportunity to live fire. I was able to sneak in live fire this week, but last night’s scheduled pistol dry fire was overtaken by carbine mag change drills in prep for an IDPA side match. Time is precious.

    Happy shooting, dv

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