Women of the Firearm Industry, Rephrased

Gabby & Lisa Looper of Flashbang HolsterLast Wednesday, I posted about me and my fellow firearms industry women. I blamed ladies for cattiness in the workplace, based on what I have seen occur in other industries. Unfortunately, I started that post with the sentences, “There was probably an audible grumble, the first time a woman took a job in this industry. Regardless of whether they were excited about it or not, men have slowly, accepted the change.” This opening line, seemed to throw off most of the gun nuts who read the post. What I meant by these sentences was that I wouldn’t blame guys for grumbling. It can sometimes be difficult to work with women. They can often be nasty to one another.

Catty behavior is no fun, especially when it was aimed at a me. That was my experience when I had a female manager in another industry. However, I have had an opposite experience with the women of the gun industry. Even as competitors, they have remained civil and kind to one another, and I find this difference heart warming.

As for gun guys, again, I have only positives to report. Men, from manufacturers to instructors, have welcomed me into their world. They have been patient teachers and reliable business partners. But, as always, I welcome your insights.


  1. My wife, 45 years in August, might not like your comments about industry, but she’s 100 % behind your comments about acceptance by other females! She works with one woman, recently married, who actively wants to meet with her, and their spouses, at the range for some practice. Her spouse is rapidly an enthusiastic shooter. There is hope as the ranks grow!

  2. should have said “her spouse is rapidly becoming an enthusiastic shooter.” OOPS

  3. Gabby,

    I am still confused about your experience–in what capacity have you worked in the firearms industry? Specifically what manufacturers, other vendors, or end-user groups have you formally worked for?

    1. Doc,
      I’ve been gun-blogging for a few years now, as well as working on the range and sales side. I have not work for any manufacturers, unless you count reviewing their products. Most of the women that I am referring to, are other bloggers, writers/journalists, competitive shooters, business owners and retailers. Each woman has been more friendly and confident than the last. I hope that helps clear up the confusion. -G

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