Daily Training Goals #9

Goal review for DTG 06/07/2013

Dry Fire Session C – success
25% of my bodyweight on a single-arm kettlebell clean and press – success

Note – I am probably going to plateau on the KB C&P very soon, I struggled with my reps at 25%.

DTG 06/10/13

  1. Dry fire session A
  2. KB Floor press 56% of my bodyweight, DL 70%.
  3. Vision training – see below

I’ve never really been able to shoot well with two eyes open and look at the front site; if both eyes are open I’m taking a very gross site picture at best. Coming up as a bullseye shooter, I used to close one eye a lot, but now as I get older I’m starting to experience eye fatigue during training sessions if I do that. I was going through Enos’ book, and on the cover he’s using the “scotch tape on the eyepro” method to allow his dominant eye to focus on the sights while still keeping his non-dominant eye active for peripheral vision, etc. I’m going to give it a shot and see if it eliminates the eye strain issues.