Picking a competition holster

So you’re going to shoot your first Alphabet Soup Action Match, eh? You know you don’t want to shoot it using your SuperX-Ray Tactical Concealment holster, but you’re just not sure what to buy. Maybe you’re unsure as to which brand to get, since holster makers are a dime a dozen these days, and it seems like everyone with an oven is folding and riveting kydex.

safariland glock holster

I am going to save you a bunch of trouble. What you should do is go to either Blade-Tech, Safariland, or Comp-Tac and buy one of their outside the waistband belt or paddle holsters. There, you’re done. No muss, no fuss and you have a great competition holster that will last you basically a lifetime. Blade-Tech even makes their injection molded Revolution line which keeps the price point down but maintains their reputation for quality.

Deciding which company to go with is a matter of personal preference. For example, I like that Comp-Tac offers holsters in bright red, because red is my favorite color. I like Blade-Tech’s single stack magazine pouches a lot, and I like Safariland’s ELS belt system. The Safariland ALS is basically the best retention holster ever made, and Comp-Tac’s speedfeed magazine pouches are a neat way to fit a lot of mags in a smallish space. Blade-Tech makes really good kydex reinforced belts, and so does Comp-Tac.

People spend a lot of time and money on gear that isn’t quality, and I don’t understand that. If you want to shoot IDPA, the dominant holsters at any IDPA match are Blade-Tech and Comp-Tac, with Safariland taking 3rd. Go get one of those and be happy.


  1. Especially no excuse when a revolution holster is like $30…

    I had a pretty decent leather IWB holster. I don’t care how good your holster is, IWB is a pain in the ass for something like steel challenge where you are re-holstering every 4 seconds.

  2. Thanks for the post. Short and to the point, and information I didn’t have already.

    1. It’s made by Siberian pistol-fighting monks out of special white tiger leather, they make 2 AIWB holsters a year, and Spetznas gets first crack.

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