Daily Training Goals #5

Goal review for DTG 06/03/2013

Seeklander Dry Fire Session A, 30 minutes – Success. Session A focuses on the draw, and I was able to really hit a groove.
Bench press over 50% of my bodyweigh – Partial success. Someone was hogging the one bench in the small gym, so I had to do Kettlebell floor presses instead, total weight was 53% of my bodyweight.
Deadlift over 70% of my bodyweight – Fail. Unfortunately, the same dude was also hogging the only good bar, so I had to deadlift kettlebells instead, and I only have up to 100 lbs of kettlebells. I’ll circle back to this one next time.
Mental training – part of dry fire – Success. This is kind of weird to me, because saying a focus statement before each rep seems kind of silly at first, but then after a while it becomes part of it, and allows me to focus my breathing and get into a better training groove.
Create “training calender/schedule document that can live on my iPad and accompany me to all training sessions – success. The spreadsheet details out PT, live fire, vision training, dry fire, and major matches. It’s actually pretty rad.

DTG 06/04/13

  1. Phase 1, Session A live fire training
  2. 30 minutes vision training


    1. 6 sets of bench (3 warm up, 3 working sets), 3 sets of DL (2 warm up, 1 working). Rest is usually 1-2 minutes between sets, but longer if necessary since strength gains are the goal. Weight training is thrice weekly.

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