Daily Training Goals #3

Goal Review for: 05/30/2013

  • Finish Mike Seeklander’s book – Success
  • Detail strip and inspect 440, field strip and inspect 619 – fail on 440, success on 619.
  • Clean and inspect all match magazines – success
  • Inventory remaining ammo supply – success

I’m glad I took the time to read all the way through Mike’s book before I actually started the training program. It has a very structured approach, actually quite similar in timing and set-up to one of the best beginning weight training programs, Starting Strength 3×5.

My ammo inventory was a little disappointing, I’ve got just over 3,000 rounds in supply of various .45 ACP ammo right now, with no immediate avenue to resupply thanks to people still panic buying every round of ammo they see and driving prices up.

DTG 05/31/13

  1. Write End Goal, Performance Goals, and Enabling Goal statements
  2. Lunch break: Clean and Press day! Goal is to get over 23% of my bodyweight on single arm kettlebell C&P.
  3. Detail strip and inspect 440
  4. 15 minutes visualization and mental toughness training as detailed in Mike’s book