Daily Training Goals #2

Goal Review from 05/29/2013

  • Read Your Competition Handgun Training Program by Mike Seeklander: partial success, made it about 75%
  • Lunchtime: Weight training (OHP and squat focus): success, fixed my form issues on squats and moved OHP to over 40% of my bodyweight.
  • PM: Mental training, grip strength training: Success. Reviewed two chapters from the Book of Five Rings on the mind, worked with my IMTug grip trainer.

Daily Training Goals: 05/30/2013

  1. Finish Mike Seeklander’s book
  2. Detail strip and inspect 440, field strip and inspect 619
  3. Clean and inspect all match magazines
  4. Inventory remaining ammo supply

Not the sexiest training goals today, however if I accomplish number 1, I’ll be able to start the actual training program in Mike’s book on Friday. One thing I do believe firmly is that maintenance of your gear is just as much a part of training as actually using your gear. If I can’t count on my gun to work, that affects my mental game, if my mental game is off it’s going to affect my shooting.