Ron Avery on the draw stroke

Cory & Erika have a video up from their recent class with Haley Strategic. Ron Avery (whom we’ve featured in the past) talks Cory through the science of drawing the gun; it’s interesting because you can tell that Cory is struggling with some of the things that Ron has to say, but is obviously interested in learning from Ron.


  1. Everything else is ok, but I’m not a fan of slamming that gun back in the holster. You’re done shooting, so just slide it in nice and easy. Less ND’s.

  2. One of the most interesting videos I’ve seen. I like how he’s teaching him to stop squaring every movement and use a more natural flow of motion. That makes sense to me. I’ve always thought the squaring looked too unnatural.

  3. 2 thoughts: man, having to retuck his shirt so much bugged me, and Travis needs some help pulling focus. 🙂

  4. Ron Avery is world class. It looks like he takes teaching as seriously as he takes shooting. He is on my short list of people I really want to train with.

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