“Gun Registry” via Social Media?

Photo tweeted by @GlockincI love how the firearms industry is embracing the inter-webs. It took them long enough. At SHOTShow 2013, I was shocked to learn that there were still manufacturers without a twitter handle! Shocked! Since then, we’ve grown exponentially. Gun-folks have accepted blogs as valid sources of news and information, and I, for one, think it’s fantastic. Early in my visits to the range, I noticed that gun people are talkers. I’ve learned some of my best shooting tips and gun recommendations, just by hanging around the range. We love to share what we know, and compare our experiences and this is one of our most endearing qualities.

Along with the zillions of blogs and Facebook pages that are gun-centric, a number of sites have appeared to specifically facilitate gun chats and networking of gun people. One recent site unveiled for gun folks, is GlockID, but there are many others. Now, don’t get me wrong, I’m thrilled by manufacturers joining us in the 21st century, and I think social media can be a wonderfully powerful tool; Maybe I’m channeling my inner Alex Jones, when I worry that sites, designed specifically to gather gun people (and their information), could be a dangerous tool, eventually used against us.

I noticed a tweet of an image from this weekend’s NRA Annual meeting where Glock had lines of people signing up for their new site at iPads scattered around their booth. I’m not saying that Glock is up to no good. On the contrary, I was one of the first to sign up for Glock ID. However, if I were an anti-gun government entity, and wanted to start checking up on gun owners, I might hire a hacker and start printing Glock ID’s registration lists. Sure, not every person who registers for sites like these is guaranteed to be a gun owner, but such a list would probably be more helpful, than a collection of every 4473 from the past five years.


  1. Gun owners are some of the biggest r-tards I’ve ever met, and will distribute incorrect information like gospel even in light of more modern teachings and theory. Forums, blogs, classes, social media are all great for spreading info, but if the info is not vetted, you can easily fall into the trap of regurgitating said bad info.

    1. I hear what you’re saying, but I’m not crazy about the way you’re saying it. I’ll allow it this once so that I can respond, but so we’re clear, you’ve been warned.

      It’s true that there can be some bad info out there and if gunners aren’t careful they may repeat it unknowingly. However, isn’t mainstream media the worst offender of this? I submit the term “Assault Rifle” as an ideal example. If a blogger makes an error, readers are usually going to correct them, and fast! Best way to keep this problem in check, get your information from multiple sources that you trust and double check anything that sounds iffy.

    2. Patrick, your blanket comment points out nothing specific from this article or the comments; is there something specific you want to point out, or are you just venting your bitterness towards gun owners?

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