Friday? Time for Tales of the Gun!

Today’s installment of Tales of the Gun is on the birth and development of America’s rifle: The Eugene Stoner designed AR family of weapons. Mr. Stoner’s design has proven to be one of the most versatile in the history of firearms, easily able to integrate with modern technology and sufficiently robust that it can be made reliable and durable in practically any configuration you might desire. The genius wasn’t just in the design, but also in designing the manufacturing process for the weapon that allows it to retain high quality in mass production. Some labels today do a better job than others at replicating Mr. Stoner’s design for the commercial market, but it’s a testament to the excellence of the design that even when incompetently imitated the guns on the whole still seem to work most of the time.

So let’s all pop the covers off our PMags and celebrate the birth and history of what history is already proving to be one of the greatest family of firearms in the history of mankind…


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