Open Letter To Displaced Manufacturers

Georgia on My MindTo the displaced manufacturers of the firearms community:

I was sad to hear that the laws in your home states, are causing you to look for new digs. The loss of American jobs and revenue are a disappointing sign that these states are unable to recognize your importance to their economies. I have heard that you are being courted by Rick Perry, but I wanted to let you know that there are other states ready to welcome you. One such state, is Georgia, and while it may not be as obvious a choice as Texas, I’d like to tell you why you should have “Georgia on your mind!”

I would normally avoid mentioning competitors in such a conversation, but it’s worth noting that the most popular gun manufacturer in America, Glock, is based in Smyrna GA. I imagine they would credit their location as part of the reason for their success. Further, H&K and Daniel Defense, are also Georgia peaches! Also, if you were to set up shop here in Georgia, you would be in close proximity to many other, business benefiting, major American companies. Two such companies are UPS and Delta Airlines.

Not only is Delta based in Georgia, but the Atlanta airport is their most important hub. While most other major airports were recently experiencing extreme delays, do to furrows, Hartsfield Jackson International airport was whistling along and not reporting any delays. Having the busiest airport in the world at the fingertips of your traveling employees, would cut down on excess layovers and travel time, though, with all that Georgia offers, you may not need to travel as much at all.

Did you know that the air conditioner was invented in the south? This part of the country is often categorized as slow or backwards, but actually the south has a long tradition of invention. We also have a long tradition of loving our firearms. Recently our legislature presented a bill to make guns easier for self-committed mental health patients, post discharge, to procure. Also recently, our law makers voted against the Manchin-Toomey Bill.

Atlanta may get the most attention, but Georgia has a huge quantity of rural land that can serve as home to your manufacturing facilities. Along with space, we have people! Our population is full or people like those who work on the airport tarmac and in the UPS warehouses. These folks might be ideal for your operations. Lately, Georgia has been wooing the movie-makers of the Westcoast, who are interested in similar virtues. We are now being referred to as the “Hollywood of the south”. I’m sure I don’t need to tell you how beneficial it could be to your marketing team, for you to be based near this growing industry.

Lastly, I, personally promise all the blogger support ArmedCandy has to offer. It may not be the incentive that draws you to Georgia, but if it bumps you over the edge, I’m happy to help.

Your friend and new neighbor,
Gabby Marcuus

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