Photo of the Day: The Tower of Pimps

Tower of Pimps

That’s what 6800 rounds of .45 ACP looks like.

The scary thing is that most of it will be gone before May is over. By brand it’s 400 rounds of Black Hills 200 gr LSWC, 2150 rounds of PNW Arms 185 gr JHP Match, 3300 rounds of Federal Gold Medal Match, and 1000 lonely rounds of Federal American Eagle. Here’s a rough estimate on how it’s going to go away:

  • Single Stack Nationals – 250 rounds of Black Hills
  • Ben Stoeger’s USPSA class – 1500 rounds of the PNW Match
  • Bianchi Cup Training – 1000 rounds of Federal Gold Medal
  • Bianchi Cup – 2000 rounds of Federal Gold Medal

Add all that up and at the end of May I’ll have only 2100 rounds left, and that’s if I don’t shoot any club matches or do any additional training beyond my Bianchi Cup training. Luckily I don’t have any majors on the calendar in June, so I can use that time to rebuild my supply, because in July I have the Great Plains Sectional, ProAm, Steel Challenge, and Area 3 the first week of August. I reckon that July alone will need about 5,000 rounds, and most of it will need to be weird minor PF stuff like the Federal Gold Medal.

Also, it occurs to me that I should file this post under “Caleb Giddings Problems” and “things people have no sympathy over.”