Just one handgun

Let’s have a little fun with a thought exercise – if you could have just one handgun that would have to serve as your home defense, EDC, and competition gun, what would it be? Now, the smart answer is probably “Glock 17” or “S&W M&P”, but that sort of takes the fun out of it. Besides, if I could only have one gun, it wouldn’t be a Glock or an M&P.

Beretta M9

If I could have only one handgun for the rest of my life, it’d be a Beretta M9/92FS. It’s reliable, accurate, it was in Die Hard and Lethal Weapon, and to be honest I have a soft spot for it. It’s served this country faithfully for almost 30 years, my father carried one as an LA Sheriff’s Deputy, and for me anyway the grip is super ergonomic. Yes, there are things about it that are less than ideal, the fact that you can’t change the front sight post being high on that list. But you can change the rear sight, and if you want a pistol with a rail, the M9A1 does that for you as well.

It’s not a perfect gun, but then again no gun is. But the M9 or 92FS is the one gun I’d pick if I could only have one handgun for home defense, CCW, and competition. Luckily we live in America so that’s not an issue! Let me know what your “one gun” is in the comments.