When I would purse carry

I am a pretty strong advocate against off-the-body carry. I think it’s a bad idea. Not having control of your gun is a bad idea. Lately, though, I realized there is one situation in which I would carry in a purse: yoga class.

I need a bigger purse. Or a smaller gun.
I need a bigger purse. Or a smaller gun.

I took yoga up a couple months ago and have been going more and more. It’s pretty addicting. It’s also not the type of activity you can do with a gun on, or even a knife, or even pepper spray. Hot yoga means shorts, a tank top, a lot of bending, and a lot of sweating. It’s just not practical.

This is the only time I can comfortably say I would carry a purse with a gun in it. Since when I go to yoga I go straight to yoga and then straight home, my bag is never out of my sight. I can set it next to my yoga mat and no one asks any questions about why it’s there. Plus, it means having protection with me, especially at a time when I am almost positive I am the only person in the room who does.

Now, is there a high chance of something going wrong while I’m at yoga? No, but yoga is supposed to be a safe environment, and any time I show up at the studio unarmed it doesn’t feel that way to me.

Sometimes you have to be a little more creative about how you carry, and what may be a poor option most of the time may work for a specific environment.

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