Women’s Concealed Carry: Get the Right Jeans

In light of my recent acquisition of a South Dakota concealed carry permit (finally), I’d like to take a moment to discuss something many women overlook when preparing to carry concealed, but ultimately makes a huge difference: the cut of your jeans. Where the top of your jeans ride on your body can be the difference between a well-concealed carry gun in a good holster and a print-tastic firearm grip sticking out of your back.

photo by JP Visual Design
photo by JP Visual Design

I’m not sure there’s a rule on what works or doesn’t work in this situation, and I honestly believe it has everything to do with body type. However, I can speak from my experience. If I’m wearing a tighter t-shirt I know I need to wear higher-waisted jeans. The higher-waisted jeans hold the gun in tighter and, more importantly, place is closer to my waist than my hip. This is important, since, as a woman, I go in at the waist and out at the hip – tucking the gun into the waist area makes it far less visible and far easier to conceal.

There are several factors to remember when you’re shopping for jeans: where your gun sits when it’s in the holster, how your body is shaped in relation to this, and where your gun and holster are best concealed, oh yeah, and how your butt looks in them.

When you find an outfit that conceals well, notice it, and pay close attention to where your holster is sitting and how the cut of your jeans is affecting it. Then try the same jeans and holster set-up with some different t-shirts. You may be surprised at the variety of outfits a good pair of jeans can allow you to wear, even with a gun on your hip.