Caracal C Recall

Apparently the folks at Caracal have issued a recall on their model C pistols after one experienced a catastrophic failure. The manufacturer recommends that owners do not load or fire their pistols.

Photo originally found on
Photo originally found on

You can find the full details from Caracal’s website here:

At Gun Nuts, we are keenly interested in helping our readers stay safe. Firearms are inherently dangerous machines and it’s possible for something to go horribly wrong even if you have the muzzle pointed in a safe direction. Proper eye protection is a crucially important safety precaution that should never be skipped, folks.


Stay safe…


  1. Bummer of a reputation hit this will cause on what looks like a pistol with potential. At least they seem to be doing a decent job of handling the situation, although a full-fledged recall option without actually knowing the cause of the problem seems odd.

  2. I said it before and I’ll say it again……Don’t buy no junk and there wont be no junk.

  3. We’ve found the Caracal to be a fun pistol with strong performance. We’re glad to see Caracal taking voluntary pro-active measures to ensure safety of its users. Will be interesting to see what the investigation yields.

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