1. To me, Kel-tec is like the unicorn of the firearms industry, everyone talks about them as if they exist, but no one has seen one. Ok, that’s obviously exaggeration, but they certainly have a reputation for being vaporware. The only Kel-tecs I’ve ever personally seen and fired have all been owned by a friend who manages a gun shop. I’ve fired the RFB, the KSG, and the PMR-30. Didn’t notice any glaring quality issues with any of them, just quirky design choices that have me thinking “this would be really cool if they just hadn’t done that”, such as the European style mag release on the PMR-30.

    And as for the M&P Shield, everyone I know who has one really likes it.

  2. I agree. It shoots great, is built great and carries great. It is so much better then the LC9 I was carrying. My only real beef is a fully loaded seven round magazine is a bitch to load. You better slam that mag home and check it twice otherwise it will fall out. The eight round mag works perfectly. It’s a keeper.

  3. Have an M&P Shield 40 and it is absolutely wonderful to shoot. Except for 1 FTF and 1 FTE in the first 7 rounds, there has not been one issue since and I now have about 200 rounds through it. The M&P line of semi-autos also has to be one of the easiest firearms to clean that I own. Still like my Kahr MK40, but am giving equal time to the Shield for CC duty.

  4. I’ve owned and carried both a PF-9 and the Shiled. There is no doubt the Shiled is superior in almost every way except price and weight. The Shiled gets my vote without question but a good working PF-9 (when you can find one) isnt that bad. The problem is getting a good one. It’s like playing the lotto.

  5. Sigh! Kel-tec is one of those Companies that’s on the “I won the Lottery Wish List” to BUY! Some many interesting Designs so Poorly Executed! Just let me get my Hands on it, bring in a REAL Quality Control Team, and a couple of more Production Lines, and I’d give the Big Boys a run for their Money.

  6. I’ve shot the Shield and the PT-3AT and PF-9 both (PT-3AT is my preferred pocket pistol for when I can’t carry anything else) and I’ve gotta say that I disagree. Sure, the quality on the Kel-Tec isn’t as high as the Smith and Wesson, but I think we’re missing a crucial point here–my PT-3AT cost $200. For people on a budget, that $200 difference means more ammo, more range time, and more practice. Again, having shot both (albeit, the Kel-Tecs more extensively; I’ve only got about 100 rounds through the Shield), I don’t think it shoots that much better than the Kel-Tec’s once I’ve gotten used to their trigger. I also haven’t had the types of issues with the Kel-Tec everyone else says they have. I’ve got one, my brother has one, and my father has one, and none of us have had any issues.

    For this shooter, at least, I’m happy with my Kel-Tec–especially for the price.

  7. Hi Caleb

    Do you feel that the Shield mature enough to be used as primary EDC? Will you trust your life in it although its fairly new?


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