Caracal C

I have spoken about Caracal before because the company actually makes some awesome guns. Something about a Glock/Steyr combination? Too cool.

Caracal had a compact at Media Day this year, and I had the opportunity to shoot it. Mostly because I’ll take any excuse to talk J.J.Racaza.

The first thing to realize about my experience with the Caracal C is that it was freezing cold and I was unprepared for
the weather. I had some Gaston J. Glock Style gloves I’d borrowed from Brooke Sevigny, but my hands still didn’t feel much.

Everytime I’ve had an opportunity to shoot Caracal I have lacked high expectations, but every time I’ve tried one of their guns I’ve been blown away. The same goes for their compact.

Caracal’s pistols have a comfortably low bore axis that make the Caracal C 9mm easy to handle and simple to use. The gun shoots really smoothly and the high vis “quick sights” that are on the gun are easy to get and maintain a good sight picture with.

I’m not interested in telling anyone what to buy, but if you’re shopping for a 9mm compact, look at this one.