Sig Sauer P224 DA/SA


It’s no secret that I like Sigs, with my P229/M11 being one of my favorite carry guns every. At last year’s SHOT Show, Sig introduced the new P224, a sub-compact P-series pistol. At last year’s SHOT Show, it was only available in .40 S&W and DAK, however this year Sig has finally added the version that everyone wants, the DA/SA in 9mm.

A Glock 26 sized DA/SA 9mm Sig would be the perfect back-up/carry companion to my Sig P229, which is still my favorite carry gun ever. Sure, the double stack Sig may be a bit more difficult to conceal, but with the M11-A1, 15 rounds of 9mm on tap is a pretty comforting proposition. Shooters that appreciate a DA/SA trigger will like the P224 in 9mm with the standard Sig DA/SA trigger pull. It’s a vast improvement over the DAK trigger, despite what any LE agencies may say, and with the introduction of the P224 in 9mm with the DA/SA action, you can bet that I’ll be calling Sig to procure a T&E sample of this gun in short order.

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