SHOT 2013: The best thing at Media Day


You may have heard reports that the Media Day at SHOT Show this year was more than a little chilly. If you haven’t heard the reports I’m giving you one now because that day was COLD. Of course, it didn’t help that I came massively unprepared. It’s been warm on Media Day the past couple years, so when preparing to leave South Dakota I did not once think to myself, “You know what it might be in Vegas? Below freezing with a biting wind.”

Of course it was that.

My friend Brooke Sevigny, of Sevigny Performance, came to my rescue at the FN booth while I was trying the (awesome) new 5″ FNS. The gloves and hat she was generous enough to lend me are made by Gaston J Glock Style and are not only warm and comfortable, but they look GOOD. The outside is a brown suede fabric and the interior lining is extremely soft. There is a snap around the wrist that keeps the wind out, plus you can shoot with them on. Essentially, especially as chilled to the bone as I was, they are everything good in the world.

Gaston J Glock Style has been completely off my radar until today. Talk about a saving grace. Looking at their line they have (fashionable) jackets, hats, vests and more for men and for women (who like to shoot and/or hunt), check them out, especially if you’re having a chilly winter.