Sons of Guns loses FFL

It’s actually a bit more complicated than that, and the TMZ link doesn’t exactly explain much.  Here’s the story of how Red Jacket Firearms, the shop from Discovery Channel’s Sons of Guns show lost (and regained) their FFL license.

In 2009, the ATF does a routine check of the shop, and lo and behold their books say that they have some guns that they don’t actually have.  That’s generally a no-no.  Now, from Arfcom and other sources we find that Red Jacket Firearms LLC, the actual legal entity featured in the show was founded in 2010 by some of the gunsmiths featured as “employees” on Sons of Guns.  Those employees were the legal business owners and the licensed persons responsible for maintaining the shop’s FFL and keeping the shop in compliance with federal regulations.  Will, the “star” of Sons of Guns is/was an employee of Red Jacket Firearms LLC as is his daughter.

Will losing his FFL actually happened before the show premiered; the business entity that was presented to the viewing public by Discover as Will Hayden’s business actually was the LLC that was jointly owned by several of his “employees.”  The reason this is all coming to light right now?  Vince decided to leave Red Jacket and start his own company.

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