I love my M&P

I have been shooting a lot of different guns lately. I’ve been playing with my M5, my Kimber and my Uberti. At the end of the day though, I always find myself shooting my M&P again. The simplicity and shootability of my M&P is all I really want out of a gun.

Ruger SR9-c

It’s like how Caleb his gun A.D.D. ended in buying a Glock 34. As much I love 1911s and as much as I love revolvers, my M&P is easily the most shootable gun I own. It runs forever, it runs fast when I need it to, it hits when I need it to. The recoil is manageable and I don’t care if I get it scratched up. I can buy holsters and mags and mag pouches for it like candy. I can trade out the sights, get different trigger kits and different grips for it. It’s not pretty, it’s not “cool” but it gets the job done, and while I would never stop shooting or get rid of my toys I know exactly what I’ll be carrying when the world ends: a Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm filled to the brim with Federal HST.

There is a reason that tactical tupperware is extremely popular: it works and it’s easy to use. That is a winning combination in our industry where most users are not experts and most experts want what works. As much as I love all my other guns my M&P just makes the most sense. You can be passionate about different firearms but you don’t have to set yourself on a prescribed path because it’s “cool” or “manly”. Don’t be afraid to get “cool” and “manly” guns, even carry them if they work and you shoot them well, but know which guns are cool and which guns you can beat up with love.

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