Concealed Carry Fashion Report

I’m going to take a moment to talk about one of my favorite subjects: the combination of women’s fashion and concealed carry. One of my favorite stores, Vince, just rolled out their fall line and I went in to take a look around (I know it’s still summer, this is how the fashion world works, don’t stress too much trying to figure it out). Of course whenever I shop for clothes I end up thinking about how I would be able to, or perhaps not be able to, carry with a particular garment.

Right now seems to be the time to put that P238 in an appendix holster because the designers are actually giving us clothes we could carry with. In fact, what I noticed wandering the mall is that loose shirts with pleats or ruching seem to be everywhere in the fall lines. These loose-bottom pleated shirts are perfect for carry – the way they bunch means you have room to stash a small firearm and the pleats mean printing isn’t going to be a problem since there are already lines and folds in the fabric.

Loose fitted and pleated shirts, like this one from Vince, are being rolled out right and left in designer’s fall lines. They are well-designed for concealed carry.
As these trends move main stream I hope to see more and more women using this as a great excuse to conceal carry and stay fashionable, a feat that can be difficult. I understand that no designer was thinking “well this would help for her to carry” but part of me wants to pretend that they do. Thanks for the great trend, fashion world.

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