But girls’ clothes are tactical

Woolrich Tactical Elite was kind enough to sponsor the clothing for this week’s shoot. Sadly, they didn’t bring any pants in my size. So while I will be sporting an awesome green Woolrich polo tomorrow I will spend the week dressed in my range pants. Of course by range pants I mean my GUESS jeans.

First of all, I love my jeans. I am comfortable in them and that is what really matters to me. I can run in them, I can shoot in them, I can clean guns in them, I can stretch them and rip at them and they survive. My denim gets the job done.

At the end of the day yesterday all the guys, in their adorable matching green shirt and khaki tactical pant outfits, were commenting on how impressed they were that the pants survived the day’s activites. I would be too; the day’s activities including a series of unconventional prone positions. We were jumping up and down, leaning over, curling up into balls, sliding on gravel and otherwise terrorising our outfits.

I would just like to take a moment to point out that at the end of the day my GUESS jeans were in the same condition that they had started in. No rips, tears or worsened wear. Covered in dirt, perhaps, but otherwise intact. I find this to be just as impressive as a tactical pant surviving such activities, if not more so since I have a hunch when GUESS designed my jeans they were not thinking, “The girl buying this is going to be doing a bunch of shooting on gravelly dirt, we better make them tough.”

No, my pants aren’t labelled “tactical”, they just say “GUESS”. No, I don’t have loads of pockets, I just carry everything in a bag. No, I don’t have an elastic wasitband but a good IWB holster can fit just fine. I don’t need tac pants, it turns out us girls have been tactical all along.