1. I’d be happy if a statistically significant number of them could complete the one magazine challenge. :p

    1. Two guys fire the Bersa, trading off every six magazines or 102 rounds. It looks like there was one FTRB at round 390. Water was poured on the pistol to cool it after 1020, 1173, and 1428 rounds. Video ended at 1445 rounds.

      1. Not a real problem but there was one case ejecting to the left around round 125 or so, when all the rest went to the right of the screen, kinda strange when the others seemed to eject very consistently.

    1. Yeah, Todd Jarrett fired 1000 rounds out of a Para. And judging by the way Todd was handling the pistol, that thing was mighty hot by the time he got done. 😀

  2. A) My arm is sore just watching that.
    B) Dear god that’s a lot of magazines. I didn’t see anyone reloading them so I’m assuming they just had all 80 or so magazines there.
    C) I kind of want one now.

  3. I have one of those. I use it for my concealed carry classes because it is easy to take apart, making it good for explaining and demonstrating how the locked breech system works. It also has ambidextrous safety and slide stop which help make it a great student gun. And the grips are way too big for many women. That too, is handy because I can show them how difficult it is to control recoil when the grip is too big.

    Bersa Thunder 9 UC. The UC stands for Ultra Compact but there is nothing compact about it and it sucks for concealed carry. Too big, too heavy, and those giant thumb controls add a half to the width.

  4. Doh, that should have read “adds a half inch to the width”.

    I also forgot to mention the gun has fired more than 5000 rounds in the last year and has never once jammed, not even when limp-wristed. The only malfunction was one squib that left a bullet lodged in the barrel but that wasn’t the guns fault. This thing is incredibly reliable. Just no good for CCW.

    1. I quit around 200 rds…….

      Kept thinking “Just dump the mag! Who cares where it hits! Don’t aim it just point and squeeze!”, but no.

  5. The thing is why shouldn’t a gun be able to handle a thousand rounds? Seriously, you are dropping hundreds of dollars on a piece and it’s a newsflash that the gun can go a thousand rounds? Am I missing something here? By the way my car can go over a 100 mph……need me to post a vid?

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