Wilson Combat 7.62×40 WT

Available now from Wilson Combat – The 7.62×40 WT (Wilson Tactical) is an all new powerful .30 caliber

Wilson Combat 7.62x40 WT upper

cartridge solution for the standard AR-15 rifle platform that is inherently accurate, low recoil and only requires one unique part – a new barrel. The 7.62×40 WT works with all other standard pattern 5.56 AR components and is completely reliable with the new Lancer® L5 AWM magazines as modified by Wilson Combat.

Ideal for Hunting and Tactical Use

The wide range of available .30 caliber hunting bullets makes the 7.62×40 WT an ideal choice for hunting of medium to large size game with the downrange ballistic performance only a .30 Caliber projectile can deliver. Experienced shooters will be pleased by the match grade accuracy and terminal effectiveness and energy easily exceeding the 7.62×39 Russian, while novice shooters will appreciate the mild recoil and low report. 
Tactical shooters looking for a hard hitting, fast handling, practical .30 Caliber AR-15 service carbine will find the 7.62×40 WT a viable alternative to the 5.56×45 for self defense and law enforcement applications. With 18/19 or 28/29 round capacity using Wilson Combat modified Lancer® L5 AWM 5.56 magazines, maximum firepower is retained.

Components, Loaded Ammunition and Complete Guns

The 7.62×40 WT cartridge is based on a standard Lake City 5.56×45 NATO/.223 cartridge case that goes through a simple shortening and reforming operation to achieve appropriate cartridge dimensions. Wilson Combat has reloading dies, case gages, cartridge cases, handload data and a variety of loaded ammunition to fully support this caliber.

A complete lineup of Wilson Combat 7.62×40 WT rifles, uppers and match-grade barrels are also available now.

Ballistic Performance Comparison

7.62×40 WT (16” Barrel) 110 gr: 2450 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1466 Foot Pounds of Energy
125 gr: 2400 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1599 Foot Pounds of Energy
150 gr: 2200 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1612 Foot Pounds of Energy

5.56 Nato (16” Barrel) 55 gr: 3150 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1212 Foot Pounds of Energy
62 gr: 3000 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1239 Foot Pounds of Energy
77 gr: 2750 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1293 Foot Pounds of Energy

7.62×39 (16” Barrel) 123 gr: 2320 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1470 Foot Pounds of Energy

6.8 SPC (16” Barrel) 110 gr: 2550 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1594 Foot Pounds of Energy

300 BLACKOUT (16” Barrel) 125 gr: 2275 FPS Muzzle Velocity and 1436 Foot Pounds of Energy

NOTE for Handloaders: Once a 7.62×40 WT case has been fired once it will be fire- formed and provide approximately 1 gr. additional powder capacity and the potential for approximately 25-50 FPS more velocity at comparable pressure levels.


Trajectory and Remaining Velocity


125 gr. Nosler Ballistic Hunter, 2375 FPS MV, Zero range 175 yards

100 yds +1.7” 2156 FPS

150 yds +1.1” 2052 FPS

200 yds -1.6” 1951 FPS

250 yds -6.6” 1854 FPS


Contact Information:

Tressa Logue

Wilson Combat

1-800-955-4856 Ext 104

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  1. Oh thank goodness! Finally we have a 30 caliber round to bridge the performance gap between the 30AR and the 300AAC Blackout!

  2. I am really glad to see so many ammo makers inventing ways to get 7.62×39’s ballistics with none of that annoying taper and reliable feeding and extraction under all conditions.

  3. “The wide range of available .30 caliber hunting bullets makes the 7.62×40 WT an ideal choice for hunting of medium to large size game with the downrange ballistic performance only a .30 Caliber projectile can deliver.”

    How many of this “wide range” are designed to expand at 30/30 velocities? Of those, how many are pointed soft points? Of this subset, how many many will hold together?

    I suspect it will not do anything the 7.62×39 won’t do, at 1/10th the cost. As a deer hunting round, it is marginal for anything outside 100-150 yards or so…….. Your money is …… your money. It’s still a free country, right?

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