1. It has been my experience, in shooting and in motor sports (where a similar saying exists) that being fast is all about being slow *only* in the right places. Most newbies are either slow everywhere (bad) or fast everywhere (worse).

    I think most people emphasize coming at things as speeding up from slow because at least when you’re slow more places than you should be, you’re still learning something. If you’re fast more places than you should be, you’re just sloppy.

  2. The best trick I’ve learned so far at working on my split times (on the rare occasional I’m somewhere without “no rapid fire” rules) is the cadance drill. I use a metronome app on my iPod Touch with earbuds under my hearing protection. I start at 120bpm and shoot 3-4 rounds at a stretch to the beat. Then I ramp it up. 180bpm is the point where I throw one occasionally threw one outside of the 8″ circle at 5 yards (i.e. .33s split). Hoping to get that down to 240bpm without throwing any.

  3. When it comes to speed shooting, I always heard *slow is smooth, and smooth is fast*. Then I met a top shooter who said *If you want to shoot fast, then by all means shoot fast.*

    I guess either way, scores will come later.

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