Great minds think alike

From an article by Gunsite instructor Il Ling:

As I say to men and women alike, guns are like shoes. They have to fit. That means they have to fit both the occasion—training, carry, car, etc.—and the user. Much like shoes, you are the best, and possibly the only, person to judge that fit. Even more like shoes, guns are best chosen after being tried out a bit.



  1. Yeah, I remember a guy like that on Top Shot last season. “I’m a Glock guy, I like a grip angle like THIS, not like THIS.” As I recall, he got beat out by a couple of guys who said, “I am a shooter. If it has a trigger and sights, I’ll rock it.”

    The choice is yours. Which do you want to be?

      1. I must have missed the part where he said, “Haha, just kidding. Good fit might improve your speeds a little bit, but if you’re at the point where you like shooting enough to be buying multiple guns and shell out for professional training, you should be developing your skills in such a way that you can happily run any handgun you can physically lift.”

          1. I sort of agree with Jason, sort of in that someone who is a real shooter can fire any weapon they can physically hold and reach the trigger of reasonably well.

            And sort of in that yes the average person can shoot a gun that “feels comfortable” in their hand better than one that feels like a brick with a handle on it. But with practice the transition is minor.

            I shoot my 1911, Star model S 380ACP, QFI 25ACP, Ruger Redhawk 44mag, a SAA style 22LR revolver, and a CO2 powered 22 pellet pistol.
            None of which feel the same, Many do not even have the same action type, but I can shoot them all reasonably well.
            Grips, recoil, balance, all vary, but all feel natural in my hand with the exception of the SAA, I’ve never had a SAA that felt “natural” to aim, dunno why.

    1. I get the point, I simply disagree.

      I think the firearm industry talks down to women far too often. I do not tell a man, “You can’t shoot this (well), it doesn’t fit you.” I do not even imply it. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy. If he believes he can’t do it, or can’t do it well, then he can’t. I do tell him, “You focus on the fundamentals, you can shoot anything.” As long as you can physically reach the trigger, or get the stock in the pocket, you’re good to go.

      And I don’t believe in treating women any differently.

          1. I am shocked and amazed at how hardcore you missed the point of the article. Please do feel free to keep being wrong though, as it’s quite amusing.

    1. Yes, you can!

      When my wife says “Honey, there is no more room in the safes for any more guns, and we don’t have anywhere to put another safe.”

      Then I will have too many guns.

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